CSFTA FT Round 4 North Oxon

A day but overcast day with a nip in the air met those visiting North Oxon, so at least the sun down the lens was not going to be an issue, but the breeze would be. It was enough to move you outside the kill but in what direction? The course ran along the usual firing line but with targets in some lanes angled in different directions. Some long positional targets and the traditional standing lane on 20 moved to lane 1. A high 50yarder gave some problems with getting the wind right for quite a few. Top score was Dave Hatfield with a 38 from SEFTA, whilst for our Steve Privett put in 37, top score for a CSFTA shooter. 50 shooters in attendance showing the region's FT shoots are proving more popular round by round.

Full scores are available in the results section